General Card

General card

Type: mastercard

Currency: Dinar

  1. Card Holder Must Be Bank’s Customer.       

  2. The Card Issued After Customer Request.
  3. The Card Linked to Prepaid Account.
  4. Expiry Date 2 Years from Issuing Date.
  5. Customer Name On The Card.
  6. Card Price USD 50 & USD 25.
  • IQD 10,000 
  • IQD 5000 fees for each recharge
  • ATM Cihan Bank no fees
  • ATM for other Banks 0.06 fee
  • POS transaction fee 0.01
  • Internet transaction fee 0.01
  • PIN.Secure Code service that helps enhance the security of transactions when you’re using at ATM, POS.
  • CVV  The three-digit code indent printed on the signature panel of a MasterCard card enables retailers to ensure that the cardholder has possession of the card during a phone or online (internet ) transaction.
  • Chip technology.A chip is embedded inside each card to enhance payment security. This chip creates unique data with each new transaction, and it also makes counterfeiting much more difficult.
  • Hologram. A three-dimensional image with interlocking globes reflects light and appears to move when the card is rotated.
  • Tamper-evident signature panel. The signature panel on the back of a MasterCard card guards against fraudulent use.