Debit Card

We Provide Four Classes of Debit Cards

Card issued by CIHAN bank, which allow the customer  to pay all purchases and Withdrawals through Direct Debit on his / her current accounts, in other words, in case the customer has a balance in his account he can use the card if the balance can only do that is not available.

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Benefits and features

1- Debit MasterCard from CIHAN Bank where amounts debited directly from your current Account.

2- Accepted all over the world.

3- Ease of use.

4- Confidentiality and safety "PIN & Chip Technology".

5- Cash withdrawals via ATMs and purchases through POS.

6- The wide range of features that are designed to fit all of your needs at any time you want.

7-Card gives you a secure way to pay cash to meet your personal needs and purchases from many shops, restaurants and hotels around the world and at any time you want.

Interest and fees

STANDARD CARD 30$ or 45000 IQD / Per 2 year

GOLD CARD $100 or 150000 IQD / per 2 year

PLATINUM CARD $175 or 250000 OQD / per 2 year

TITANIUM CARD $225 or 350000 IQD / per 2 year

  • ATM Cihan Bank no fees (Inside Iraq)
  • Fees for using the Cihan Bank’s ATM are free of charge. (Inside Iraq)
  • Fees for cash withdrawal from machines inside Iraq (four per thousand, minimum 1000 dinars)
  • Fees for purchase through purchases and points of sale (POS) inside Iraq (free)
  • Fees for withdrawal for a prepaid card on Cihan Bank ATMs (1%)
  • Fees for withdrawal for a credit card on Cihan Bank ATMs (6%)

Security and features

  • PIN.Secure Code service that helps enhance the security of transactions when you're using at ATM, POS.
  • CVV. The three-digit code indent printed on the signature panel of a MasterCard card enables retailers to ensure that the cardholder has possession of the card during a phone or online (Internet) transaction.
  • Chip technology. A chip is embedded inside each card to enhance payment security. This chip creates unique data with each new transaction, and it also makes counterfeiting much more difficult.
  • Hologram. A three-dimensional image with interlocking globes reflects light and appears to move when the card is rotated.
  • Tamper-evident signature panel. The signature panel on the back of a MasterCard card guards against fraudulent use.