About Us

Welcome to Cihan Bank

Cihan Bank was established in February 2008 in accordance to the Iraqi Companies Law No 21-1997 and its amendments of 2004. The bank was opened on 01.04.2009 in its headquarter based in Erbil.

Cihan Bank is a fully Islamic bank which provides a wide range of Islamic banking products and services. We seek to present the best, accurate, and uniquely developed banking services compliant with the principles of Islamic Shariaah to our customers from government enterprises companies to individuals in the new Iraq including Kurdistan regional governorates.

Company Profile

Cihan Bank was incorporated in June 2008 in accordance to the Iraqi Companies Law No 21 of 1997 and its amendments of 2004. The bank was operative on 01.04.2009 in its headquarter in Erbil. Within a few months, we have expanded our network branches to Baghdad, Suleymania, Zakho, and Erbil. In order to serve our clients in the best way, we are planning to open branches in all the major cities in Iraq in the coming 10 years.

Cihan Bank is a member of Cihan Group which is one of the biggest groups in Iraq, having business lines in many fields as trading cars, construction, importing tea, education, media, insurance and general trading. For further information please go to www.cihan-group.com . Cihan Bank aims to provide clients with the best banking services, making sure to combine time-honored Islamic values with modern technologies. Whether governorate enterprise companies or individuals, our clients are offered a balanced banking experience with practical solutions to their financial needs.

The automated banking system is one of the most important parts in the bank. It enables the bank to deliver the best and fastest services to its clients. Cihan Bank’s core banking system, iMal, is one of the most spread systems among the Islamic banks. The system is certified by AAOIFI (Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions) which is the most reputed corporate body in Islamic Banking Sector.

Our Correspondent Banks

We execute international transactions like LC, LG, Treasury and the remittances to all around the world through our Correspondent Banks network by SWIFT using OFAC list filtering. The list of Cihan Bank’s correspondent banks is as the following:

Kuveytturk Bank
Vakif Bank
Al Baraka Turk Bank
Bank Asya
Aktif Bank
Turkiye IS Bankasi A.S.
T.C. Ziraat Bankasi A.S.
Yapi Kredi Bankasi
Alternatif Bankasi
Deniz Bank

Fransa Bank
First National Bank
Intercontinental Bank of Lebanon
Bank of Beirut
Credit Libanees
Byblos Bank
Fransa Libanais Bank

Housing Bank of Trade and Finance
Unioun Bank
Jordan Ahli Bank
Arab Bank

Abo Dhabi Islamic Bank
Emirates NBD
Kuwait Turkish Participation Bank Dubai LTD

Kingdom of Bahrain
Al Baraka Islamic Bank



United Kingdom

Board of Directors


Mr. Azad Y. Bajger

Vice General Manager

Dr. Nawzad Y. Bajger


Mr. Talat Y. Bajger


Mr. Sabah Y. Bajger


Suzan Sharif Jambaz


Nawal Jamal Al-Bazaz


Mr. Muwaffak T. Al-Chalabi

Senior Management

General Manager :Mr. Ahmed Abdulkhaliq
Vice General Manager :Mrs. Naz Nawzad Yahya
Vice General Manager :Mr. Ahmad Khalaf Shihab
Senior Executive Manager :Mrs. Shams Muniem Abd Alkhadhim
Financial Dept. Executive Manager :Mr. Hamza Hassan Hamza
Swift Dept. Executive Manager :Mr. Mohammed Azad Yahya

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a leading financial institution that provides fully-fledged banking services compliant with Shariaah to contribute in the development of the society.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to translate Islamic financial principles into practical solutions that serve the human community.

Shariaa’ Committee

Our shariaa committee is consisted of professional people in this aspect in Iraq. And they are very well-known among the people living in the region. Our Shariaa committee members are:

  • Dr. Bashir Khalil Tawfiq
  • Seyd. Ahmad Seyd Abdulwahap
  • Dr. Abdulsattar Karin Saeed Sherwani

External Auditor

Our bank’s external auditor is:  Dilshad Tutunchu