Training Course

هذه الصفحة متوفرة باللغة العربية أيضاً: ئەم پەڕە هەروەها بەردەستە بە زمانی کوردی Kurdish Arabic


Participating in the course of (Financial and Financial Analysis)

As reference to the contract and coordination between Ernst & Young and Cihan Bank for Islamic Investment and finance for 2017, which includes five specialized training courses in the field of Islamic banks for developing the skills of the employees inside the bank.


In cooperation and coordination with Ernst & Young, Cihan Bank for Islamic Investment and finance held the second training course under the title of (Finance and Financial Analysis) for the period (6-10 / 8/2017) at the main hall in Cihan Bank. It was attended by twelve specialists in this filed from Cihan Bank.

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